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15th Annual Country Bluegrass Festival by Bob Kisken

1-A Big Welcome to all to the Lincoln County Fairgrounds 2-The 15th Annual Bluegrass stage

NORTH PLATTE, NE-The 15th Annual Country Bluegrass Festival was held Apr. 23-25, 2-05 in North Platte, NE. A good time was had by all.

1-2-3-4 Some of the jammers who came out just to strut their stuff

1-One last jam before the show 2-One More River 3-Lindsey Family 4-Grascals

If you like bluegrass, look it up on the web and plan to go in 2016. You will hear music that will tickle your fancy.

Kudos to Courtney Ewald and her volunteers who put on this show. I am always very appreciative of these people.

1-Mixed  Arrangement   2-Homeward Bound  3-High Plains Tradition   4-Philip Steinmetz & The Sunny Tennesseans

Beside the three days of performances, there were workshops on dulcimers, kettle and campfire cooking, making music in the home workshop and learning how to play bluegrass.

1-Another “Big” Welcome        2-Reno & Harrell         Larry Efawa & The Bluegrass Mountaineers  4-Republican River Ramblers

A special event which I have never seen at the events I go to was quite moving. Friday night, there was a tribute to veterans. All the vets in the audience were asked to go to the front of the hall. Over 100 of them were given a flag pin and were told that “we appreciate our service” a nice touch.

1-Some of the veterans 2-A Salute to the veterans 3-One of the judges 4-contestants

1-Contestants           2- Contestants         3- Spectator               4-Spectator

                                                                             Ralph Stanley II

Anyhow, take a look at the photos. Maybe next year you will be there.

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