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11th Big Horn Mountain Festival by Bob Kisken

BUFFALO, WY-The 11th Annual Big Horn Mountain Festival was held July 10-12, at the Johnson County Fair in Buffalo, WY. The weather was beautiful, performers were great and the audience showed their appreciation. A great time was had by all. (corny, but true)

                                                                                        The Class of 2015
I have included some photos of some of the performers. For more info, go to the website for Big Horn Mountain Festival. This year, I would like to write about three things which bear mention.,

 1-Organizer, Paul Jarvis  2-Home of the Big Horn Mountain Festival 3-Some of the campers 4-Just jammin’

                                                                 Jammin-Pickin’-Dancin’ and more Jammin’

1-A fantastic breakfast was served at the community building, Saturday and Sunday. The profits go to Agape International Ministries, which works to end human trafficking world wide. What a classy thing for the organizers of the festival to have done.

              Some of the kids learning how to play bluegrass and (2) their instructor, the future looks bright

 A little outside dancing (2) The Fire Ants Band, and some more young pickers learning their craft

                                                                  More youngsters picking and grinnin’

2-I have included some photos of the beauty of the area around Buffalo. As I get up too early, I enjoy going out and photographing the beauty of nature. My photographs don’t come close to seeing nature in person.

                                                                          On stage showing what they learned

3-The thing that impressed me most were the number of young people. Some of the music festivals I attend must have an average age of 105, my age included, not this one. Lots of young people in both the audience and performers.

                                                            Some more pickers, a hula hooper and more music

Of most importance to me is the Bluegrass Camp for 35 kids ages 9-18, who want to learn more about bluegrass. It is staffed by Front Country and sponsored by the Johnson County Arts and Humanities Council and the Johnson County Recreation District. It is held July 7-10. I think we need these camps to encourage the younger generation to carry on.
The festival is a great event, google it, go next year, and you won’t be disappointed.

 1-Front Country                         2-Baskery                           3-Baskery Sweedes                  4-Sweedes

 1-Matusco            2-contestant         3- contestant       4-Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

 1-The Littlest Birds  2-Prairie Wildfire Band 3-Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Limousine

                    4- Contest Winner

1-Contest Winner   2-Contest Winner  3-Gary, Evans & Spurgin  4-Kenny & Amanda Smith


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