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11th Annual Women’s Ranch Rodeo By Bob Kisken

LOVELAND,CO-The 11th Womens’ Ranch Rodeo Finals were held in Loveland, CO, Oct. 16-17, 2015.

For information about rules and winners, go to the Women’s Ranch Rodeo Association website.
For a great time, go to one of their rodeos next year.

18 teams of four women apiece competed against each other in 5 events.
The events are jobs which are done on the ranch; branding, cutting, sorting, doctoring and mugging.

Three separate rodeos are held, all lasting about 3 hours, action packed.

Women came from Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota.
I hear a lot of thanks you’s and see the respect the contestants have for each other.

These photos don’t do the event justice, but all I can say is, go next year, you won’t be disappointed.

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