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Les Buffham’s Buffononery

Les Buffham’s Buffononery!!!

by (more or) Les Buffham, ESQ!

(To acquaint the new reader, Les Buffham is a well known established writer who travels around the country, due to his immense personal wealth recording interesting people, places and things.  He usually travels in a luxurious motorhome or exotic one of a kind automobile.  We will, from time to time show you some of his traveling devices and companions.  We hope you will enjoy his sense of humor and writings, as we certainly do.  Below is one of his one of a kind automobiles and a hitch hiker he just picked up.  I’ll bet they were sure shooting the bull as they traveled down the road.



In the Saddle, On the Desert Trail . . .

Mike and Lori picture on Camel

But wait! It certainly is a saddle and there is plenty of sand but instead of horses and the Arizona desert, it looks like there’s a new breed of camel jockey roamin’ around in the sands of Israel.

Yep. That would be Mike and Lori Rutherford waving bye-bye as they prepare to ride off into the sunset, uh, I mean sand storm. Looks like they have taken some well deserved time off for a grand vacation.

Past recipients of the Western Music Association’s prestigious Bill Wiley Award, Mike serves as the president of the board of directors for the Arizona Folklore Preserve near Sierra Vista, Arizona, which hosts many of our western music talents almost every weekend of the year. Lori is the founder of a new enterprise called Lori’s Place, a shelter and family advocacy center for battered souls in Sierra Vista.

Here you can see Mike has relegated Lori as back seat driver. I hope she’s good at it ’cause it looks like ol’ Mike can use some help.

Reprinted from The Western Way , Summer, 2016. Used by permission.

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